Yousgame Studio Privacy Policy and Statement

Our studio and its subsidiaries (together “Yousgame” or “We”) might collect information (“Information”) on the usage of the apps it produces (the “Games”) and on the usage of our website (the “Website”). According to privacy legislation is several countries and territories this Information might be considered personal data and in such case the gathering and usage is subject to certain rules. Our Privacy Policy aims to comply with these rules and give our users a clear understanding of what we – and certain third parties – collect and how this Information is used.

What we collect in our Games

For every device a Game is installed on we collect the following Information:
  • Unique Device Identifier(a unique number that lets us tell the devices apart);
  • IP Address(the internet address the Game uses to connect to the Internet);
  • MAC address(an unique hardware address the device uses to connect to the Internet);
  • Device type(e.g. iPad 2, Galaxy S3, etc.);
  • OS version(type of operating system and the version thereof);
  • Game version(specific Game(s) and the versions thereof); and
  • Length of play session.

We do not collect any other personally identifying information such as e-mail address or user name.

How we use this information collected in our Games

We collect this Information to improve performance and reliability of our Games and to get a better understanding of what users in general prefer. We do not link any of this Information in any way to individuals or any other information we might obtain. We do not share, sell or in any other way give other persons or companies outside Yousgame Studio access to this Information, unless in order to comply with a legal obligation to do so (e.g. court order) or in case the ownership of the Information changes due to a merger, acquisition or restructuring involving Yousgame Studio. All Information is stored on secure servers that are hosted by Amazon Web Services.

What third parties collect via our Websites

Our Websites use Google Analytics (third party scripts) that collect the following information and might (also) store such information as a cookie on the device you use to access our webpage:

  • Demographics (browser language, country, city);
  • System information (browser, OS, service provider);
  • Mobile (OS, service provider, screen resolution);
  • Acquisition channel (source from where user clicked, most of it is not revealed by Google);
  • Site behaviour (which pages users visit, duration of visit); and
  • Remarketing list (remembers user visit via cookie for future advertising).

Our and third party use of this information

Information that is collected on our Websites (not in our Games) by scripts from Google will also be available to Google. Yousgame Studio has no control over the collection or usage of this information by Google and does not accept any liability for the same. However, we believe that the collection and usage of information by Google is compliant with relevant regulations. According to the disclosures of Google they will use this information as follows:

According to the best of our knowledge Google uses the information collected to provide us with a better understanding of the use of our Websites and of the preferences of our visitors. Google will also use the information collected to personalize advertisements that are shown to you while surfing the web or while using Google services. Please refer to and more specific for more information. You can also opt-out using the following Google tool: Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on ( Click here to opt-out of Google Analytics.

We use the Information collected through our Websites for getting a better understanding of the use of our Websites and the preferences of our visitors. We do not use this Information for any other purpose or make it available to any other party, unless in order to comply with a legal obligation to do so (e.g. court order) or in case the ownership of the Information changes due to a merger, acquisition or restructuring involving Yousgame Studio.

We do not collect any other information

When you download and use our mobile applications, or surf our Websites, we don’t require you to provide any information and we don’t collect any personal information, except general information like unique device identifiers, or cookies (as specified above) to anonymously identify your computer or device so we can deliver a better experience.

We do not knowingly contact or collect personal information from children under 13. If you believe we have inadvertently collected such information, please contact us so we can remove the information.

You can ask privacy questions

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policies, please contact us:

You can review more privacy-related information

This privacy policy was last updated on Sep 13, 2015. Our privacy policy may change from time to time, and we explicitly reserve our right to do so. If we make any material changes to our policies, we will place a prominent notice on our website or application. If the change materially affects registered users, we will send a notice to you by email, push notification or text.